Featured Reader January 29 2023 SANDY: Nesli Colley – Astrology


Must know and come prepared with your birthdate, birth time and birth city & State for an accurate astrology reading!

Date: January 29, 2023

Location: Athena Beans Coffee & Bistro, 111 W 9000 S, Sandy 84070

Price: $35/20 minute reading session

Nesli Colley – Astrology

Using a Modern and Hellenistic approach to Astrology, Nesli uses the same astrology that was used for Kings, Queens, and throughout ancient civilizations over 2000 years ago to predict wars, omens, harvests, and more. It is a more concrete way of looking at the Natal chart with layered upcoming planetary transits along with analyzing one’s psyche and spiritual path. *come prepared with birth date, birth time and birth city & state.