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Beltane Festival 2023

Vendor Information

We are constantly updating this page. Please check back or watch your email where we will inform you when the page has been updated.
Beltane Festival 2023 is quickly approaching! Thank you for vending with us, we are looking forward to seeing you there! Please see the following information about the upcoming festival:
Festival Hours and Location
Evermore Park – 382 S Evermore Lane, Pleasant Grove UT 84062
Festival Hours (gates open to the public)  – 12pm-7pm
Unloading & Vendor Setup
You will be emailed a link to schedule your Vendor Unload time. Priority will be given in the order you purchased your vendor booth so it may take up to a few days to recieve your email with the link. 
Unloading time slots are 08:00a-08:30a, 08:30a-09:00a, 09:00a-09:30a, 09:30a-10:00a, 10:00a-10:30a, 10:30a-11:00a. This 30 minute time slot is just for driving into the park, as close to your vendor booth space as possible and then unloading your vehicle ONLY. We ask that you then exit the park, and park your vehicle at the Vendor Parking Area (shown on the map). At this point you may take the time to set up your booth.
The gates open to the public at 12:00p. Please select the time slot that best accommodates the amount of time you need to set-up your booth, leaving earlier time slots available for those that need more setup time. For example, if you need two hours to set up, and the gates open at 12p, then you would need to start setting up at 10a, pick the time slot that starts 30 minutes before 10, the Vendor Unload time slot you would schedule is 09:30a-10:00a.
Please arrive at the Vendor Queue Station (as shown on map) at the first time listed on your Vendor Unload time slot (for example if you reserved the 09:00a-09:30a time slot please arrive no later than 9am). A Utah Pagan Market Representative will be there to greet you and check you in as a vendor. They will then let you know when it is your turn to drive into the park. You will find several representatives along the road to direct you to your vendor location.
Open Market
Open market will be from 12pm-7pm. 
We will be giving Market Bucks as prizes for our costume contest. These certificates will be for $25 each for guests to use at the vendor booths. You will be reimbursed by the Utah Pagan Market via Venmo or cash, whatever your preference, as soon as you receive one of these certificates (instructions on how to get reimbursed will be printed on the back of the certificate). Please let us know if you do not wish to participate in this program and you are free to decline the use of these certificates at your booth.
Vendor Breakdown
Please do not begin breaking down or leave before 7pm. We will be holding the Closing Ceremony at 7pm and we ask that if you are breaking down your booth at this time that you do so quietly and be conscious to not disrupt the sacred ceremony. 
Possible Changes to Booth Locations
In section #1, we have been informed that the grass may be soggy depending on the water table. We may move the location of some of the vendor booths depending on the level of the water table and the weather. There is plenty of room for all booths and we will make sure that all booths are on a main pathway with plenty of traffic. We may utilize some of the other areas not previously marked as vendor booth areas such as the Celtic Ruins and Hex Trove (already comes with tables). If you would prefer to be placed in one of these areas, please let us know.
Let us know your needs:
  • Do you need access to power? (you must bring your own extension cords)
  • How many free tickets will you need? (this is for family and friends, the people required to run your booth can get in on your vendor badge)
  • Will you have more than one person available to run your booth so that you have coverage if a break or step away is needed?
  • Anything additional that you think we should be aware of to make sure your needs are taken care of and you are fully supported. We love our vendors!
  • Would you like custom marketing for social media?
  • Would you like to participate in our affiliate program? (Details below)
  • There will be no WiFi access in the park. Please let us know if this is going to be an issue for you.
Custom Flyers and Customer Coupon Codes/Affiliate Program
Let us know if you would like a custom flyer made for you to share on your social media. We are also starting an affiliate program. We will give you a coupon code that will give customers $1 off their Festival entry tickets. For every ticket purchased using your affiliate code, you will get a $1 credit on your account towards your next Utah Pagan Market vendor booth purchase. Please let us know in a follow up email if you would like to participate.