Beltane Festival 2023 - Ritual Schedule, Information & Reservations

Please note:


This is a sacred Pagan ceremony. If you are not openminded to the practices of Paganism and/or Wicca, then this activity is not recommended for you. (Must be 18 years or older to participate) 


Only those with positive intent are welcome and invited to this sacred circle. A message from Hazelwood Collective, the local collective that will be performing the ritual:


“It is best to enter into this circle with an open mind, curiosity, and above all, an open heart. When asked how you enter a circle, the only answer is “With perfect love, and perfect trust”. If you do not feel that you can enter the circle this way, it is best not to attend this activity.”


For more information on the activities hosted by Hazelwood Collective, including more info on this ritual, please visit their webpage at

Before reserving your spot for the ritual, you must have first purchased your entry tickets for the Beltane Festival 2023. If you have not, please do so here:

Ritual Schedule and Reservations: