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Cat & Cauldron

Local Metaphysical Shop

1922 West 4700 South, Taylorsville UT

Visit the Cat & Cauldron website or Facebook page for more info on their shop and what they do to serve the local pagan community!

Sponsoring Drakenhaven - Schedule:

12:30 p – 1:30 p

Witch’s Mass  ~ Hosted by Cat & Cauldron


A traditional Wiccan Rite to honor the Beltaine Sabbat. This will be led by Wiccan High Priest, Austin Toney. This is open to all but attendees will need to stay for the duration of the rite. 


@ Drakenhaven

1:30 p – 2:30 p

Psychic Gallery Reading (BY RESERVATION ONLY. Space is limited. CLICK HERE TO MAKE RESERVATION)  ~ Hosted by Cat & Cauldron


The Psychics of Cat & Cauldron will hold space for attendees to communicate with their departed loved ones in this modern take on a séance. Attendance is capped at 15 people.


@ Drakenhaven

3:00 p – 3:30 p

Ancestral Bone Dance ~ Hosted by Cat & Cauldron


This mill-style dance is an ancient ritual means of creating sacred space and raising energy. This rite will focus on honoring the paths of the ancestors. This is open to all but attendees will need to stay for the duration of the rite.


@ Drakenhaven

4:00 p – 4:30 p

Faerie Pathworking ~ Hosted by Cat & Cauldron


This guided trance experience will connect attendees to the energy of the Faerie Realm. This is open to all but attendees will need to stay for the duration of the pathworking.


@ Drakenhaven

5:00 p – 6:00 p

Witchcraft 101 – Ask a Witch Panel ~ Hosted by Cat & Cauldron


This presentation will help clear up some common misconceptions on Paganism, Wicca & Witchcraft and allow attendees to ask those important questions they’ve had about what witches are what they do. This is open to all. 


@ Drakenhaven

Cat & Cauldron is owned and operated by the witches of the Caliguri Coven; a multi-generational collective of seers, healers and spellcasters with knowledge of many paths. They have served the alternatively spiritual community in Utah for over 20 years.


Visit their shop for magical supplies and ritual tools; books, oils, crystals, spell kits, candles, incense, jewelry, cauldrons, tarot and oracle cards, pendulums, spirit boards, runes, tapestries, poppets and statuary. Their herbal apothecary has what you need for any spell.