Samhain 2022 - Featured Readers

Thank you for your participation as a featured reader for the Samhain Festival 2022

If you have not yet filled out an application to become a Utah Pagan Market Featured Reader, or would like to review our Service Agreement, please do so by going here:

For the Samhain Festival 2022, we retain 30% of all reader sales. A table and chairs will be provided for you. Please bring your own table decorations and/or divination tools as needed. 

Readings are offered at $35 for 20 minutes. There will be a sign on your table that will display the Utah Pagan Market Venmo QR code and a QR code that allows for payment with card on our website. Please refer customers to these two options for payment. 

Featured readers will be paid for their services one to two business days after the Festival. Please see the following sample documents that will be utilized by the reader and the UPM for full transparency of your financial breakdown:

Once your application has been approved, go here to schedule your time slot(s):